flatbed tow truck loaded with a brocken down vehicle

Flatbed Tow Truck Recovery Services

The Flat Bed tow truck provides safe towing while keeping the car in perfect condition. Our independent tow trucks are nearby waiting to help you out. Whether you just need a battery boost or your car door opened, we are here to help you.

Flatbed Tow Truck Near me

Flatbed towing is the most common type of towing service offered. This is because it does not cause your vehicle any additional damage during the towing process. It is also because these types of towing trucks are mass-produced at a greater rate verses the wheel lift trucks.


Where does the name Flat Bed Towing come from?


Flatbed tow trucks get their name from their iconic flat beds. Some towing companies also refer to flatbed tow trucks as roll-back trucks. This is because they have a hydraulic system that rolls the bed back on an angle which allows the vehicle to drive directly onto the bed and to be pulled to its destination. Once the vehicle is safely loaded onto the bed, the hydraulics lower the bed to its resting position. Of the five types of tow trucks that are out there, flatbed trucks are the safest because they cause the least amount of damage to vehicles. This is because the car is off of the ground and secured to the bed of the truck.

Do You need a flatbed tow truck?

There are some situations in which flatbed towing trucks will be in a better position to help you

Low cars and vehicles

The first situation in which flatbed towing will work best is when you need the towing professionals to move your low profile, dropped project cars, or naturally low cars and other vehicles from one place to another.

Low cars are not easy to put on the tilted deck or other types of towing vehicles, such as towing dollies as it damages the body and suspension of the car. It is wise to be a little selective with your low vehicles when you are moving them from one location to another.

When your car or vehicle is heavy

Towing dollies are capable of towing lighter vehicles safely. They should not be used for towing heavier cars and vehicles. For that purpose, flatbed tow trucks are ideal. They are meant for handling heavy vehicles while assuring the vehicle’s safety and protection from any wear and tear. If non-professional towing service providers tow heavy cars and vehicles with towing dollies, it can damage not only the towing vehicle but also the client’s car.

When towing 4-wheel drive vehicles

The reason why flatbed towing is ideal in this situation is that 4-wheel drive vehicles run on all four wheels. If anyone tows a 4-wheel drive vehicle by a towing dolly, depending on the scenario, only the front tires will be lifted, and the rear wheels being dragged on the road can damage the transmission severely.

Flatbed towing trucks tow the vehicles by carrying it with all four wheels on its deck. This is how towing with a flatbed protects the transmission of the 4-wheel drive vehicles.

When towing vintage and classic cars

Classic and vintage vehicles are priceless to their collectors, and no one can put a price tag on these masterpieces. The last thing a car collector would want to happen to their precious vehicle is for it to get damaged while a tow truck tows it.

These classic masterpieces need to be taken care of while being transported. The collectors of classic cars must only hire truly professional towing companies so that they can make sure they handle the vehicles with due care.

Only professional towing experts know which vehicle and equipment to use to tow a specific car or vehicle. Only masters of the field should be hired by the people who need to get their cars towed.

When you don’t have much time

Time is precious, especially when you’re stuck in a situation where you need a towing company to take your vehicle and you from your current location to wherever you need to go. A flatbed towing truck does not drag the car behind it, as it takes more time. The flatbed truck can carry your vehicle on its deck and move faster towards your destination.

Possible causes of a broken down vehicle

Stuck with a non-cooperating light-duty vehicle in the middle of the road? It might be caused by a number of reasons such as:

  • A dead battery;
  • An engine failure;
  • An overheated engine;
  • A flat tire;
  • A vehicular accident or road mishap;
  • Accidental losing of car keys or inability to open your own car;
  • And other car mechanical problems.